Decide your digital legacy

E-testament is a tool that lets people draft their own digital will.

E-testament helps and guides users in planning their digital legacy after their death. They can decide what should happen to their digital assets an all that forms part of their digital identity. The e-testament system's digital interface lets users state what they want to happen to their digital identity and online content when they die. All this information is encrypted and securely stored in a cloud-based server, and a notary safeguards the process. When the user dies, a series of mechanisms are automatically set in motion.

E-testament provides solution to all aspects related to our digital legacy and our presence on Internet.

E-testament provides the ultimate solution to all aspects regarding our digital legacy and our Internet presence

We can estipulate what we want to have done with our profiles on social networks: account can be automatically closed or they can become memorials and a farewell message can be posted.

We can decide what becomes of our property on digital networks, which can sometimes have real economic value, For example, we can stipulate that all of our published photos will be sent to a specified recipient or perhaps we may prefer that no one will be able to access our content and everything can be deleted.

E-testament is stored in e-box which is a secure cloud-storage space that only you and designated people can access. You can also specify what can be done with this material when are no longer here.